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Mash Petroleum provides office space for companies large and small, from tiny high tech startups to large established businesses. As your business grows, we can help you expand. We enjoy working with a wide variety of businesses and strive for teamwork with our tenants.

The Mash Building, 428 13th Street, Oakland, CA

In the heart of downtown, our building with concierge provides you with beautiful office space above our retail ground floor and up through 11 floors serviced by two plush elevators. Literally around the corner from the 12th Street BART station, you and your employees can easily commute from anywhere in the Bay Area serviced by BART. The thriving business lunch crowd and excellent dining establishments help keep you and your employees close to work and satisfied.

Mash Building, 13th Street, Oakland CA
428 13th Street, Oakland CA. Next to BART. Copyright © 2013 Mash Petroleum

Mariner Court Office Park, 2433 Mariner Square Loop, Alameda, CA

Mash Petroleum's office complex in Alameda provides a peaceful setting to grow your business, just 200 feet from the beautiful waterfront and blocks from the Webster tunnel. Whether you live and commute on land or water, our offices with plenty of parking (and nearby docks) provide you with a rare work setting. You'll make it from the 880 freeway exit to your office in less than 5 minutes by car, then from your office to the waterfront for lunch in less than 2 minutes by foot!

Mariner Square Office Space, 2433 Mariner Square, Alameda CA right by Webster tunnel

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Mariner Square Office Space, 2433 Mariner Square, Alameda CA right by Webster tunnel
Just blocks from Webster Street tunnel in Alameda. Copyright © 2013 Google

Mariner Square Office Space, 2433 Mariner Square, Alameda CA right by Webster tunnel
2433 Mariner Square, Alameda CA. Just 200 feet from the marina.

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Mash Building, 3rd Street, Oakland California

In the heart of Oakland's famous Jack London district, the 3rd Street Mash Office Building stands just blocks from freeway exits/onramps for I880 and I980. Walk to BART or take the free shuttle that stops at 3rd Street and runs every 10 minutes from 7am - 7pm. Walk to surrounding acclaimed restaurants and popular diners in less than 3 minutes.

3rd Street Mash Building, Oakland California
420 3rd St, Oakland CA. Next to i880 and i980.
3rd Street Mash Building -- entrance, Oakland California
3rd Street Mash Building -- inside, Oakland California
3rd Street Mash Building -- gate, Oakland California

Chinatown Offices above Retail, 410 7th Street, Oakland, CA

These offices above retail and below apartments in Chinatown near BART and Interstates 880 and 980 provide privacy and easy access for commuting. You can walk to restaurants for lunch and dinner. BART and freeway onramps are just blocks away. The underground parking garage offers public and monthly parking and three rental cars -- like your own private fleet at your doorstep.

Mash Building, Chinatown, 7th Street, Oakland CA
410 7th Street, Oakland CA. In Chinatown, close to BART. 3 Zipcars rentals underneath building in lot. Zipcar logo @2013 Zipcar.
Mash Building, Chinatown, 7th Street, Oakland CA
Monthly & public parking. 3 Zipcar rentals.

Dixon Shopping Center and Office Space, Gateway Drive, Dixon, CA

Conveniently located offices ease driving to Sacramento and the SF Bay Area. Plenty of parking plus two freeway onramps/exits within blocks quicken your commute.

Shopping Center and Office Space in Dixon, California
410 Gateway Dr, Dixon, CA. Next to i80.

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Uptown Office & Retail Building, 1901-1915 San Pablo Ave, Oakland CA

This office space in Oakland's popular Uptown area is close to 3 freeways (I-880, I-980, I-580) and a short walk to BART (metro), simplifying your and your collegues' commutes. Numerous fine restaurants provide immense variety for business lunch and dinner.

Retail ground floor leasing, 19th and San Pablo Avenue in the Uptown area of Oakland, CA
Office space at 1901-1915 San Pablo Ave in Oakland's popular Uptown area.

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Mash Building, 43 Moraga Way, Orinda CA

Located in the heart of upscale downtown Orinda, with plentiful street and garage parking, fast access to highway 24 a block away and easy access to the Bay Area's BART metro system through the Orinda BART station just two blocks away, the retail ground floor in the award-winning Mash Building serves shoppers from the Orinda-Moraga-Lafayette corridor as well as travelers from H24 and BART.

After renovation. Mash Building, 43 Moraga Way, Orinda CA
43 Moraga Way, Orinda CA. By H24 and BART
After renovation

Before renovation. Mash Building, 43 Moraga Way, Orinda CA

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