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Mash Petroleum leases and sells apartments and condominiums. Located in the popular art, entertainment and culinary scences of Uptown and in Oakland's bustling Chinatown, our residential units attract professionals on the go.

Uptown Residential and Retail Building, 1901-1915 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA

Nestled among Uptown's popular art, music and culinary scene, our apartments and condos are a short walk from almost everything, including BART. If you have a car, there's secure parking in the back. If you sometimes need a car and don't own one, you can rent one of the two rental cars parked in the building's parking lot. Talk about convenience. The building's just a few blocks from Interstates 880 and 980.

Apartments and condos at 19th Street and San Pablo Avenue in the Uptown area of Oakland, CA
Apartments and condos above shops in Oakland's popular Uptown area. 2 Zipcar rental cars in the building's lot. Zipcar logo @2013 Zipcar.

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Chinatown Residential Units above Offices and Retail, 410 7th Street, Oakland, CA

These apartments and condos above retail and offices in Chinatown near BART and Interstates 880 and 980 are perfect for busy professionals and others prefering to walk to shops, restaurants and entertainment. BART and freeway onramps are just blocks away. The underground parking garage offers public and monthly parking and three rental cars -- practically at your doorstep.

Mash Building, Chinatown, 7th Street, Oakland CA
410 7th Street, Oakland CA. In Chinatown, close to BART. 3 Zipcars rentals underneath building in lot. Zipcar logo @2013 Zipcar.
Mash Building, Chinatown, 7th Street, Oakland CA
Monthly & public parking. 3 Zipcar rentals.

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